The idea for this blog came when I was at university studying for my Master’s in Publishing in 2019. Bored, and ever more daunted by the idea of joining such a closed industry (though I will still take a job in it, if given the opportunity :D) I wanted to create a platform where I could discuss my opinions on current events, write reviews on media I found interesting, and write long and short think pieces that aim to captivate and provoke serious thought, by looking at the world through my own multi-cultural, multi-intersectional frame of reference.

The Coffee Break is a display of my writing as much as my thoughts. On here you’ll find ways of thinking about the world and what’s happening in it, ways of thinking about books and media, ways of experiences coffee shops, in the beautiful city of London (I love coffee) and new creative writing pieces. Some you will agree with, some you may not, but all of them will make you see things from a different perspective- and that’s my aim. Because no two people are the same, so why should we all consume media in the same way?

Interested? Then pull up a chair and a hot drink and Let’s Catch Up