Story Time

The Janus Dorm, Part 1: Osiris

 “Harder!” she squealed in a loud whisper, feeling an agitated heat creep up her neck as she kicked the hands that were holding her up. I shook her to get her to stand still, “any harder and you’ll go face first and hurt yourself,” I whispered back.

“Oh, who cares? This face will be gone soon- come on!”

I gave her one last good shove, and she toppled over the grey stone wall, “eeep!” she squealed as she slid over the side of the great granite stones.

“Shhh, Cissy!” I insisted clapping a hand over her mouth, as I slid down behind her.

I felt her lips stretch upwards and her teeth rub against the palm of my hand as a giggle sounded at the back of her throat. She slapped my hand away, ducking into the furrows and twigs, ignoring the scratches forming on her legs, “come on Osiris! Don’t be such a bore,”

“I don’t want us to get caught,” I replied. I could feel the heated irritation creep up my spine and into my voice-, “we can’t get caught Cissy,” I warned.

She turned to me and dusted the Tabaco scented ash of my shirt collar, “since when do you give a damn about the rules?”

I couldn’t stop the sheepish grin from spreading across my face as I dusted the ash away also, “I don’t care – but you will if they take away your Fix,”

“Oh, they can’t do that,” she cackled, “it’s illegal.”

“Is it though? really?” I raised a knowing brow at her.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, “unfortunately yes. Trust me I’ve been lobbying to change that law for a year now. No one is going to evict someone before their eighteen,”

“remind me why you even think that’s a good idea-,”

“just-” he voice rose abruptly but was cut off by my stern expression hand once again clamped over her mouth.

When I felt her saliva coat my palm, I shook her off and grimaced at her, “ugh!”

“because,” she went on briskly, “I don’t think everyone should get the chance to be Fixed. And I can’t be denied the Fixed,”

“So you just want to fuck with other peoples lives,”

She squinted her eyes at me and waved me away, “ever the dreamer baby. Maybe if you focus more in seminars you’d see the issue with the Fix laws in the first place and why they need to be amended,”

Osiris smirked, “I’ve got better things to pay attention to,” I trailed a finger down her spine. I could see her blinking away the feeling of heat pooling in the pit of her stomach.

She glared straight ahead, “you need to take this seriously,”

I dropped my hand abruptly and rolled my eyes, “if you care so much, why are you risking it and spying on them,”

She turned her big bright brown eyes at me frowned, “I- I just, need to see them,”

“They look the same as all of the others-,”

Her hand suddenly shoved itself against my backside and the ground rushed up to me. I could feel her hip against my wrists and her hands cleared a circle in the thicket of bushes to peer through the lattice of leaves, tapping me on the head to bid me lift my head and do the same, “they’re beautiful….look.”

I sighed rubbing my eyes and snorting once I was able to open them, “so much for being flawless,”

I turned away from the tumbling mannequins and placed a light kiss a little scratch across her cheek, “I think you’re more beautiful than all of them,” she made a gagging sound and shrugged him off, eyes fixed on the hundreds of porcelain legs twitching and waddling on the gravelled grounds before them.

I snorted again, and received another slap to his wrist, “how do you think you’d be if you woke up one day in a new body?” she hissed, “I bet you won’t be half as graceful as them when you get Fixed,”

I leaned back on an extra thick branch and crossed my arms behind head, “who said I’m getting Fixed?” I caught the fist that came flying at me in my hand before it could reach its destination in my gut and lifted it to kiss the knuckles.

“Osiris, stop that talk,” she turned back to the scene beyond the trees and gazed up at the figures, hands folded under her chin, “can you imagine six months that will be us, breaking into our new skin,” she rested her fingertips on my wrist and moved the thumb up and down.

I threaded my fingers through hers, “I think you’re beautiful as you are.”

She smirked, and snatched her hand back, “look at her legs,” she cooed, eyes wide, staring beyond the bushes.

I peered through the leaves at the pair of long legs that glistened as those smooth surfaces awkwardly stumbled through the grass.”Back straight – legs apart!” a pair of straight-legged trousers, barked orders at it, “shoulders up!”

The voyeurs sniggered into their palms.

Cissy fingered her tight black curls and sighed heavily, “I think I’m going to change the hair again,”

I touched her curls and sighed “to what? You’ve changed it five times already. Every time we come here, you have a new idea.”

She smiled, cunningly, “I think I’m going to make it white now,”

He rolled his eyes again, “white?”

“I want everything to be white. Hair, eyes, skin,”

“I thought you wanted to keep your colour?”

She shook her head violently and trained her eyes on her palms, voice low, “None of the good ones have dark skin,”

“some do-,”

She locked her eyes on him and tried to stare him down, “none of the good ones. I won’t spend my life as The help. I need to be the best. The whitest -are you listening?”

I looked up from inspecting my boots to cast a lazy eye over her, “hmm- the best, ugly breeds no blessing, the whitest, etcetera,”

She scowled, her cheeks flushing “you think this is funny?”

I raised a brow and kept my voice level, “I think…I don’t want to talk about this anymore,”

She turned back to the bodies beyond the trees and breathed heavily, “someday I’ll be someone important- you’ll see,”

I scoffed, “what because of some expensive bit off plastic?”

“Because,” her teeth gritted, keeping her gaze beyond the leaves, “there’ll be no one else to oppose me,”

I sidled up beside her and kissed her neck, “except me,”

She turned to look me in the eye silently and then turned away.

“You’re important to me you know…” I whispered gently, “and you don’t need an operation to validate that importance.”

“Hmm,” she did not look at me as she continued to scan the bodies, her mind ticking off the list of imperfection that did not appear, muttering to herself continuously, “amazing, beautiful, stunning,”

I pulled away from her and cleared my throat, “but of course, once you become important. I’ll have to find a new girl – maybe the help.

Her head snapped around at me, “excuse me?”

I smirked, “well if you’re going to be somebody, what am I going to do? Might as well settle down with a nice cheaper body and start a family,”

She scoffed, facing me directly now, “you’re not going anywhere. You’re going to get the same Fix done as me,”

“Says who?”

“Says me,”

“So you’re going to have children with me?”

Her lip curled, “maybe…..when we can afford an incubator- we’ll see,”

I chuckled over the sound of that familiar empty chord in my centre being struck, and echoing in my ears, “that’s a no,”

“It’s a- we’ll see,” she snapped, “but you’re getting Fixed with me,”

“Hmm,” I turned away from her and stared out.

Her hand wrapped around my arm and I was snatched around to face her, “Osiris-,”

I laughed, “relax Cissy. I’m not going anywhere.”

Her bottom lip jutted out, “you’d better not.”

I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by a vibrating sound from my wrist. I looked down at the screen, tapped it, then stood up and held a hand out to her, “come – lecture starts in fifteen minutes.”

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