Coffee Hour

Living as a Woman is a Triumph Worth Celebrating

International Women’s Day will soon be upon us so in honour of this thecoffeebrk will be featuring post regarding feminism and celebrating women over the whole month of March.

The media and big organisations like to take this time to celebrate the great women who came before us and those that have paved the way for us to be all that we can be. And while this is absolutely what this month is about it is also about celebrating merely being a woman, whether we are following in the footsteps of those who paved the way or not.

So much rhetoric around women these days tends to gravitate towards a discussion about how women need to branch out into male-dominated spaces and prove their mettle, my argument is that women don’t need to prove anything to be celebrated.

Not all women are going to be scientist, big-name authors of hardline lawyers and that’s ok. Most of us were raised by women, taught by women, looked after by women and these more typically gendered “female” roles are still worth praising.

It’s about celebrating women’s contribution to society no matter how small or seemingly uninteresting that contribution may be. And alongside that, it’s about celebrating our freedom of choice to contribute in whatever way we see fit.

Celebrating the act that we now have the right to vote, to choose to be dentists or chemical engineers, but we also have the choice to be stay-at-home mums, English teachers, painters and dancers, and that choice, is worth celebrating all month round.

So as we take time to praise the big names and unsung heroes of our social equality, let us not forget to sing our own songs, and celebrate being a woman in all aspects of life.

Simply existing in a world that is harder for us to excel in is an achievement. Being the glue that binds society together doesn’t always mean being big high flyer – it means existing, and existing in a world that has historically been very limited to you. So every choice you allow yourself to make is a cause for celebration.  Every decision that is yours and yours alone, whether it is to wear pink or green, to shave your head or wear a niqab, to take a job or decline an interview, is a cause for celebration because you have been allowed to exist for yourself. And that is what international women’s day/month is all about. Being a woman, being human, and being allowed to be human and for no else but you.

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