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Feminism: The wolf in Sheep’s clothing

Why Feminism is the losing ideology

In the West today we think we’ve mastered Feminism. And it is true that certain aspects of Feminism are very clear cut and regularly discussed in our societies, such as equal pay, right to free speech and Freedom of movement. But the reality is that these are all manifestations of different parts of the same core ideal which should sit at the heart of all western Feminism: Freedom of choice. It is the right that should underpin all acts put in place to liberate women, and should be at the heart of every decision that supports women. And in providing Freedom of Choice, and all of the implications that come with that, Feminism is an ideology that should, in theory, liberate other factions of society.

The Freedom of choice for all women should result in a break down of race barriers because women of colour would be liberated. Gender prejudices should come down, as all women, including non-cis women, would be able to flourish. It should break down barriers of classism because women from all classes would be able to move around and achieve everything that upper and middle-class women can achieve. And in liberating women, it should, theoretically, also benefit the men that belong to the suffering groups as they would rise with their female counterparts.

And it might seem like women have come a long way, and in some respects, we have, but in many ways, Feminism has achieved nothing in the centuries that it has been brewing. So why is western Feminism failing?

The reason for this is that, the core idea is really only accessible to the white, the wealthy and upper-middle classes, the sometimes famous, and the straight, cis-gendered women, all while pulling the wool over the eyes of those who do not fall into those categories.

 In a world where women can now go out and work in high flying positions as lawyers, doctors, chemical engineers, and be the breadwinner in the household, we expect women to take advantage of this new Freedom, as part of the expansion and fulfilment of Feminism. And of course, if women choose to do this, then it would be anti-feminist to try and stop them, judge them, or dissuade them from doing anything beyond the standard gender-specific roles. But what people don’t realise is that it defies Freedom of Choice for people, and it tends to be mostly other women, to shame women for wanting to be stay at home mothers, for wanting to give up work to get married, or wanting to perform the more female gendered roles a relationship. This defiance, anti-feminist tends to be directed only at the working and lower-middle-class women. The middle and upper class mothers who choose to stay at home are not targeted because their right to be stay at home mothers is respected and applauded.

Similarly, its more widely accepted in the West that women can show as much skin in their day to day lives as they choose as opposed to what was permitted in previous centuries. And allowing women to leave the house in short, shorts, low cut tops or go topless, not judging them for it and respecting them while they do this is pro-feminist- as it should be. HOWEVER, all of those women who claim to be hard-line feminists because they go shirtless or bra-less will be the same women shaming Muslim women for being covered up, and assuming that they have no agency in their own appearance. This takes away the voices of those non-mainstream woman and attempts to force them into conforming to a version of Feminism that has been created for the ruling classes by themselves for themselves and this is anti-feminist. This list is not exhaustive, but both are very good examples of how white Feminism disregards it’s fundamental core, Freedom of choice for all. If Freedom of Choice is being denied to a vast number of women, Feminism will forever be the losing ideology. It claims to fix all problems with human co-existence, but in reality, only enables and preserves a select few. And some of the rest of us who are not a part of the white, upper, middle class, cis, Christian / a-religious factions, fall for it and become complacent, making a race of females who are just as uniform, brainwashed, subjugated, divided and oppressed and they were under the thumb of the patriarchy as the centuries prior to the vote. And regardless of how it evolves, failure is failure. We can’t all be free if only one is free. And for an ideology that masquerades  as being indiscriminate, theoretically, all for one and one for all, in practice, its all for one and for the rest none, and this illusion, makes western Feminism the wolf in sheep’s clothing of Western Cohesive social ideology. 

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