Break of the Month

The Cathedral Cafe, Prague: Review

Rating: 4/5

As I won’t be leaving the house any time soon for anything fun, I figured now was the best time to reach into my archive of Brunch’s past and dig out some of my most memorable locations.

Being in the house for 2 straight months has, as I am sure it has for many others, made me miss catching flights and experiencing new places, so I thought I’d reminisce about my trip to Prague last November.

The Cathedral cafe in Prague was the first thing we did when we arrived in the city that morning. After 2 hours of sleep, a cab into Liverpool Street Station and an hour-long ride on the Standsted Express, we were all exhausted and starving, so this probably influenced our opinions on this cafe, but these were my opinions, nonetheless.

In a few words, the cafe was fantastic. And given the attitudes of the people were very icy, this cafe was probably the best place for us to start the journey as it made me predisposed to ignore the general racism of the Czech people which was blatantly aimed at us.

Ambience: The setting was beautiful. The front of the cafe looked almost like Shakespeare and co, classic, with white beams and brick. Towards the back, it was open and lit virtually all the way through. The natural light from large windows and plants made it feel like you were sitting outside in the sun, with doors that opened up to outdoor seating at the back.

Cathedral Cafe, Prague
Cathedral Cafe, interior

Location: The location was probably one of the best things about this café. It was very close to the central square, near the Prague Astronomical clock, the St Vitus Cathedral and other cafes. It was part of the tourist hotspot, so it was easy to access and find, and it was the right launching pad for the rest of your exploration of the square.

Prague, St Vitus
Prague Astronomical Clock

It is situated on the end of one of those very old streets that feel incredibly Central European with pubs, little shops and houses with wood beams and shutters. It reminded me of Vienna (Vienna café review coming soon) and going there gives you a good initial feel for the city.

Staff: The initial greeting was icy, but the man who served and tended to us afterwards was very nice. It might have just been that we were just being professional at hiding his racism, but either way, it made the visit bearable. I’d always advocate that you try to learn a little of the language to communicate as its only polite since you’re in their country, but they spoke English which made it easy, which was good for our first stop.

Food: Again, it might have just been that we were all tired and hungry, but the food was GOOD. The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection, the pancakes were fluffy, and the pink sauce with them was sweet and fruity. The coffee was good as well. There were no alternative milks, but that is to be expected in cafes that are not-chain stores. The coffee was strong, and jolted us awake without being bitter, like real coffee. Even the white-hot chocolate tasted like actual chocolate, not just milk and sugar.

It serves more of a continental style brunch then real Czech food, which again I suppose was good considering we’d just arrived. But if traditional Czech fare is you’re looking for this isn’t the place for that. But like most of the countries in that part of Europe, the Czech eat a lot of meat, so it may be hard if you’re a strict vegan or looking for halal food as we often were. But the cathedral cafe was a good start because they did a wider range of more common brunch foods, eggs, mushrooms, pancakes, croissants, salads etc.

Study Ability: I don’t know what the culture of study in cafes is like in Prague. It looked very much like somewhere you could go with your laptop. Maybe not to study, but if you’re a creative, looking for a writing space in the Czech, looking for good pictures, with good lighting, a beautiful background, and prettily laid out food, it’s a spot that is near unbeatable.

I would 100 per cent recommend, especially to begin your trip to Prague. We all wanted to go back, but we hadn’t the time. It was a little pricey, but honestly, it was worth it, and a brilliant start to our journey. The people are a bit hit and miss, if you’re not from there, which is why I couldn’t bring myself to give this place a 5/5, but starting off here ensures that you at least get a good meal, with good service, before you encounter the more prickly reception of the people at other venues. And it may, like it did for me, help you remember the trip fondly, even if the hotel owners are banging down your door, 20 mins before check out, demanding you leave (which happened to us, but I was determined not to let him ruin my birthday trip).

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