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Chelsea’s Peggy Porschen Review: Forest Tea Party Dining

I’ve been to a lot of beautiful cafes in London, and Peggy Porschen is by no means the only lovely café in London, but it is definitely the most memorable for several reasons. Some of these reasons are very practical, like location, and others less so. But I’ve gushed about this place so many times, it’s time for me to actually review it for those who are missing out.

Peggy Porschen is very whimsical. Technically it’s a ‘cake parlour’ so that should begin to give you some sense of the bourgeoise feel of the lace before you even set foot in the door. If you love fantasy, flowers, escaping without buying plane tickets of burning petrol, Peggy is the perfect stop.

The Ambience

There is nothing practical after this café. It’s like walking through the wardrobe and ending up in a bright, pastel-coloured Narnia. And the outside of this Narnia is the most beautiful part of the whole café. It stands out in the middle of the King’s Road in Chelsea, and it is so inviting. It changes with every season, which is my dream for my future house. During the spring it’s a fairy-tale kingdom of flowers and fairies, in Autumn is all pumpkins with orange and pink wreaths and pumpkins, and then towards Christmas and all ice blue snowflakes, flowers and gingerbread men. And then on all other times if the year even the simple flower wreaths are so extensive that they actually make you feel like your walking into a brightly coloured forest.

Their welcoming façade is famous for being one of the most beautiful and unique in London, so you really don’t want to miss taking a picture there. Your Instagram pictures will look amazing.

And the inside is equally as beautiful. It’s fully decked out in pastel colours; pink and white tables and chairs all perfectly spaced out to comply with COVID guidelines and personal space.

The first thing that I think should be noted is that Peggy is a ‘special occasion’ café. It is not a, ‘I’m waiting for a train and just need a quick coffee café. It’s a ‘lets set a date for a beautiful catch up’ or ‘it’s your birthday lets go eat cake in a beautiful place’ sort of café.

And their food reflects that relaxed, fairy-tale opulence.

The Food

The Chelsea Menu (when not in lockdown) consist of all of your favourites from poached eggs with salmon, avocado on English muffins, buttermilk pancakes and granola and yoghurt bowls for all-day brunch, to truffle risotto, and lobster linguini as part of a wider A La Cart menu.

But as they are a cake parlour, their cakes are what they really specialise in. They make some of the most beautifully decorated cupcakes which all so change with the season. What’s hot at the moment are the gingerbread cupcakes. And the sugar plum sponge cupcakes.

They also make beautiful cakes to order for weddings and birthday.

I went there in the late summer/early autumn, so it was more about brightly coloured cupcakes with no seasonal decorations. But I do remember having a slice of vegan honey cake with white icing, topped with yellow and violet flower petals -it really was as decadent as it sounds. I wanted to go back for my birthday, but thanks to Lockdown NO.2 those plans got cancelled, but I definitely intend to go as soon as I can do so- and if you’re visiting London any time soon, or just looking to have a nice day out, I highly recommend you go as well- if you like pink and pretty cakes.

It was a little disappointing that they didn’t have any exciting drinks. Places Like Saint Aymes do hot cholate covered in a sheet of gold and pink lattes – and I think that would have really worked at Peggy. Instead, you just get the standard range of coffees, latte, cappuccino, flat white, americano, expresso, so not impressive, but satisfying all the same, and they have alternative kinds of milk, so that’s still a thumbs up in my book.


I really wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not impossible, it’s a calm enough place, but if you go there, it’s really to take a moment to enjoy yourself and not think. It’s every dreamers ideal café, not a place to stress over work at. Though you could potentially pause to read a good book there.

And practically, it’s a good place to go. SW3 is reasonably easy to get to from most parts of London. And if you drive, it’s even better because there is almost always parking somewhere on the King’s Road (even if it is only for 2 hours- better than no parking at all) and Peggy Porschen has quite a bit of 2 hr max parking right across the street. No congestion charge, no extortionate central London rates, easy to get to.

If you’re ever in London and looking for a cute fairy tale place to pause and escape, Peggy is not just a pretty place! It has a really substantial menu to sustain you throughout the course of your languid catch-up or celebration, and it is so worth the time. So when this lockdown is over, try get over there before for the Christmas season is over (and before they put us back into lockdown), for that fairy tale, London-in-the-cold-month’s experience. If I could become a fairy, I would- and at Peggy, for an hour or two, you can.

[Please note, only one of these pictures is mine, the others all either from the Peggy Porschen site or from their Instagram]

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