About Me

Born and raised in West London, to a Jamaican mother and a Lebanese father, understanding different cultures, different points of view, religions and ways of existing in relation to the ‘standard norms’ has always been my greatest interest. I completed a BA degree in English Literature and Classical Civilisation, as well as Publishing MA at Roehampton University. I have tried to lead a life driven by reading, writing, shopping and mingling over coffee in the culture of the City of London, as much as possible.

My niche is writing on women from marginalised backgrounds, Black and Muslim women in particular, as I have done for all of my university life, some evidence of which you will find in the Essay’s section of this blog.

I have used this writing experience to write for The Bower Monologues, AMAKA Online and I am still currently using it to write for Aurora Publishing house in West London.

Every cobble stone on my path has left an the impression on some aspect of my varied life and cultures and I hope, on this platform, to discuss these impressions and join in thought with those who, perhaps, share the same journey or simply wish to know about different ones. If you feel you do, hit the subscribe button and follow me on Instagram to keep up to date, with moi.

If you want to talk directly to me or ask me any questions, drop me an email using the address on the contact me page and Let’s Catch up.