Coffee Hour

Oshun’s Descendants

Why we shouldn’t shy away from African folklore Black Ballad’s writer, Jumoke Abdullahi, recently released an article discussing how hard it was for her to connect to her Yoruba heritage because the traditional beliefs of Yorubaland were shied away from by her family. As a classicist, this got me thinking (and feeling more than a… Continue reading Oshun’s Descendants

Tea Time

Keeping The Faith: Spirituality in Confinement

In the last few weeks, Passover and Easter, two very major religious holidays have taken place. These are times which most believers would be with their extended friends and families, or in synagogues and churches. But unfortunately, due to The Great Virus (I refuse to keep calling its name- too much potent negativity), they are… Continue reading Keeping The Faith: Spirituality in Confinement