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Spinning Silver: A Review

Spinning Silver is a new adults fantasy fiction book about two young women who, through circumstances out of their control, are drawn together into the fantastical warring ambitions of their husbands. Fantasy with a hint of romance is my genre. To this day, the Winter Night series by Katherine Arden is my favourite book series,… Continue reading Spinning Silver: A Review

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Redefining Your own Blackness

While it is Black History Month across the Atlantic, it is important to remember our rich history and reassert our significance and importance to the global cultural fabric that all too often gets overlooked. But it's also really important to think about the correct and long term ways of securing that position for ourselves. In… Continue reading Redefining Your own Blackness

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Oshun’s Descendants

Why we shouldn’t shy away from African folklore Black Ballad’s writer, Jumoke Abdullahi, recently released an article discussing how hard it was for her to connect to her Yoruba heritage because the traditional beliefs of Yorubaland were shied away from by her family. As a classicist, this got me thinking (and feeling more than a… Continue reading Oshun’s Descendants

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The 1/4 Life Crisis in Today’s Millennials

A lot of people shit on the validity of a 1/4 life crisis. 25-35-year-olds today are under an immense amount of pressure that the generations that came before them never had, and it is those generations that tend to shit on our problems. The older generations had life come at them in one of 2… Continue reading The 1/4 Life Crisis in Today’s Millennials

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How to Have an Effective Cancel Culture

The last few weeks Instagram has become an ugly place to be, and I've tried to be on it as little as possible, to focus on myself, and not to absorb any more of its negativity.But last week, the internet showed its ass and displayed its cancelling power in full force as may British celebs… Continue reading How to Have an Effective Cancel Culture

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To Infinity and Beyond: The Lasting Appeal of Disney

It can’t be a coincidence that the moment the world feels as far from safe as can possibly be, Disney has come out with a platform for us all to be able to look back on our childhood years and reminisce. And as much as Disney remains a platform for children, let's be honest, Disney… Continue reading To Infinity and Beyond: The Lasting Appeal of Disney

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The Misrepresentation of Culture in Disney’s Aladdin

Rating: 6/10                                                                      In the wake of the string of Disney live-action recreations, one of the latest movies to be released is Aladdin, which I only got around to watching last week and which bothered me in a few ways. The cinematography is what saved this movie from being mediocre. The colours, the movement and… Continue reading The Misrepresentation of Culture in Disney’s Aladdin