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Demographic Appeasement in the Wake of Sarah Everard’s Death:

Why the UK's appropriate response to Sarah Everard's death highlights it's inappropriate lack of concern for inclusive Feminism. The tragic death of Sarah Everard has thrown up a lot of emotions in society. For men, it seems to be evoking a need for them to be defensive for their sex and reiterate what anyone with… Continue reading Demographic Appeasement in the Wake of Sarah Everard’s Death:

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Media silence on the Oppression of Muslims

Over the last year, a lot of attention has been drawn to the plight of those in dire straights, outside of the Covid situation. From BLM (which is still a thing, by the way, even it’s no longer trending on social media), to #endsars and the multitude of issues transpiring in Mother Africa, LGBTQ rights,… Continue reading Media silence on the Oppression of Muslims

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Explaining White Privilege

 “When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”- Franklin Leonard With everything going on and with many opposing views on how to go about protesting, along with stupid comments with regards to “All lives matter” there is a lot of discussion around white privilege. It is a term that many white people don't like… Continue reading Explaining White Privilege

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The Myth of Female Choice

Last week, it was announced on social media that Dancehall artist Lisa Mercedes, converted to Islam. And, like always, there came a barrage of comments from people, all trying to dictate how Mercedes should go about her life now that she is a Muslim. Christians were in the comments saying things along the lines of… Continue reading The Myth of Female Choice

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Malcolm X: The Greatest Leader We Never Had

As we come towards the end of Black History Month, it is very fitting that now is the time to commemorate one of the most significant figures of the black liberation and empowerment movement: Malcolm X. With the latest Netflix documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X?” out, now is also an appropriate time to look at… Continue reading Malcolm X: The Greatest Leader We Never Had

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The Saviour Complex in Western News Reporting

Scrolling through the BBC website, I came across a news story labelled “why being gay in Russia is about “passion and love”: the secret moment between two gay Russian lovers that defied haters.” The topic of the clip was LGBT human rights in Russia and probably came in response to Putin’s comments at a state… Continue reading The Saviour Complex in Western News Reporting

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Love is Not One-Dimensional

There is a trend on social media for denouncing any relationship that doesn’t follow the one man, one woman, all sun and roses formula, or simply does not conform to what society, movies and TV deem to be healthy relationships. Love, like anything else, is a personal matter that really should only involve the participants… Continue reading Love is Not One-Dimensional