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Oshun’s Descendants

Why we shouldn’t shy away from African folklore Black Ballad’s writer, Jumoke Abdullahi, recently released an article discussing how hard it was for her to connect to her Yoruba heritage because the traditional beliefs of Yorubaland were shied away from by her family. As a classicist, this got me thinking (and feeling more than a… Continue reading Oshun’s Descendants

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Why the Netflix Show Ares is Worth Watching till the End

Young mixed-raced medical student, Rosa Steenwijk, wants to be accepted into the highly secretive and elitist University Society Ares, where all of the richest and brightest families of Amsterdam and their offspring have been accepted into over the years. But once in, it becomes clear that there is a sinister force, a monster, driving this… Continue reading Why the Netflix Show Ares is Worth Watching till the End

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The Familiars: A Review

The story Stacy Halls weaves is about a young woman who defends herself, her unborn child, and her closest friend from the political intrigue and injustice of King James the I’s England. In a regime that sets out to hunt down and kill women, this young woman forges her own life and, life long connections,… Continue reading The Familiars: A Review