Netflix’s Rebecca: A Review

Rating: 4/5 I watched Rebecca as soon as it came out on Netflix, partly because they recommend it to me and partly because it’s right up my alley and I remember loving the book when I was studying it for English Literature GCSEs. I remember it being taught as a supernatural gothic text. And it… Continue reading Netflix’s Rebecca: A Review

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Netflix’s Self-made: A Review

I was really against watching the Netflix show Self-made: inspired by the of Madam C.J. Walker. Most of what I knew about Madam C.J Walker growing up was centred around the fact that she created the hair relaxer and as a result became the first black female billionaire. But having grown up and experienced my… Continue reading Netflix’s Self-made: A Review

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Why the Netflix Show Ares is Worth Watching till the End

Young mixed-raced medical student, Rosa Steenwijk, wants to be accepted into the highly secretive and elitist University Society Ares, where all of the richest and brightest families of Amsterdam and their offspring have been accepted into over the years. But once in, it becomes clear that there is a sinister force, a monster, driving this… Continue reading Why the Netflix Show Ares is Worth Watching till the End

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Malcolm X: The Greatest Leader We Never Had

As we come towards the end of Black History Month, it is very fitting that now is the time to commemorate one of the most significant figures of the black liberation and empowerment movement: Malcolm X. With the latest Netflix documentary “Who Killed Malcolm X?” out, now is also an appropriate time to look at… Continue reading Malcolm X: The Greatest Leader We Never Had