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Anti-Blackness in British Islam

In the midst of fighting for Black lives, I think its important to remember that we are fighting for black lives in every corner of society. That being said, it is really crucial for all people of colour out there to understand that this movement is a call for you to change your attitudes towards… Continue reading Anti-Blackness in British Islam

Coffee Hour

Explaining White Privilege

 “When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”- Franklin Leonard With everything going on and with many opposing views on how to go about protesting, along with stupid comments with regards to “All lives matter” there is a lot of discussion around white privilege. It is a term that many white people don't like… Continue reading Explaining White Privilege

Tea Time

How to Have an Effective Cancel Culture

The last few weeks Instagram has become an ugly place to be, and I've tried to be on it as little as possible, to focus on myself, and not to absorb any more of its negativity.But last week, the internet showed its ass and displayed its cancelling power in full force as may British celebs… Continue reading How to Have an Effective Cancel Culture