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Oshun’s Descendants

Why we shouldn’t shy away from African folklore Black Ballad’s writer, Jumoke Abdullahi, recently released an article discussing how hard it was for her to connect to her Yoruba heritage because the traditional beliefs of Yorubaland were shied away from by her family. As a classicist, this got me thinking (and feeling more than a… Continue reading Oshun’s Descendants

Coffee Hour

The Real Loss of Liberty: Experiencing Isolation in Isolation

We spend a lot of time talking about creators during lockdown, about missing people and restricted freedoms during lockdown, but one thing that hasn’t been spoken about is what it's like to have a loved one in prison during this time. If you have a person in prison, it is already likely that you don't… Continue reading The Real Loss of Liberty: Experiencing Isolation in Isolation

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Explaining White Privilege

 “When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”- Franklin Leonard With everything going on and with many opposing views on how to go about protesting, along with stupid comments with regards to “All lives matter” there is a lot of discussion around white privilege. It is a term that many white people don't like… Continue reading Explaining White Privilege

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The Saviour Complex in Western News Reporting

Scrolling through the BBC website, I came across a news story labelled “why being gay in Russia is about “passion and love”: the secret moment between two gay Russian lovers that defied haters.” The topic of the clip was LGBT human rights in Russia and probably came in response to Putin’s comments at a state… Continue reading The Saviour Complex in Western News Reporting