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Anti-Blackness in British Islam

In the midst of fighting for Black lives, I think its important to remember that we are fighting for black lives in every corner of society. That being said, it is really crucial for all people of colour out there to understand that this movement is a call for you to change your attitudes towards… Continue reading Anti-Blackness in British Islam

Coffee Hour

Feminism: The wolf in Sheep’s clothing

Why Feminism is the losing ideology In the West today we think we've mastered Feminism. And it is true that certain aspects of Feminism are very clear cut and regularly discussed in our societies, such as equal pay, right to free speech and Freedom of movement. But the reality is that these are all manifestations… Continue reading Feminism: The wolf in Sheep’s clothing

Tea Time

The Myth of Female Choice

Last week, it was announced on social media that Dancehall artist Lisa Mercedes, converted to Islam. And, like always, there came a barrage of comments from people, all trying to dictate how Mercedes should go about her life now that she is a Muslim. Christians were in the comments saying things along the lines of… Continue reading The Myth of Female Choice